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played Morrowind today. also room surfed

2009-11-08 18:24:50 by ApocalypseFish

i was constantly talking through my character's eyes. i would exclaim if i got hurt, etc. it was fun. here are a few lines i did today.

*picks lock on trapped chest and opens it* *fire spell burns me* JESUS CHRIST! It BURNS! where's a fuckin underground lake when ya need it?!

*picks lock on another trapped chest. it burns me again* GAH! THIS IS GETTING REAL OLD! why do they like burning me?!

*kills Goldor in temple* is that a Daedric war axe? *loots body* oh my god it is! you can NOT get something like this at walmart! look at the spikes on this thing!

*gets an autosave from sleeping. goes and plays for a bit then my xbox froze. restarts at the autosave pretending it was a dream* that was one crazy dream. is there really a huge sunken vault behind that door? *opens door* holy crap that is one big room. *falls off platform and loses health* Oh gawd, that hurt....more than in the dream....i'm gonna have arthritis soon if i keep doing this.

i also spent a few hours surfing my room for numerous things. i found a few things i didnt even know existed. raved to rave music for a while and then played more morrowind.


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