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what i did today.

2009-10-27 18:27:36 by ApocalypseFish

so, i spent the day doing the normal things. getting up at 6 in the morning but not leaving my bed 'till 6:20. school was boring as usual. it was retro day (because it's homecoming week) so i wore my usual polo shirt and a v-cut sweater, which i have to admit is rather comfy. a list of things i did when i got home:
-sat at the computer and typed stuff up.
-took out the trash
-yelled racist swear words at the trash can while taking it out.
-sat in my room and did more homework
-dropped my homework and began playing halo 1
-take a look at a picture i drew in english

what i did today.


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2009-10-27 18:45:39

school sucks.... I agree with you there. ;{P

ApocalypseFish responds:

yes. it's boring as hell. i dont know how i manage to pass.


2009-10-27 19:13:36

lol funny picture

ApocalypseFish responds:

ty sir.


2009-10-27 21:57:46

school isnt to bad, homework just sucks

ApocalypseFish responds:

i agree. currently, i have a bio project i have to do (by myself because my partner cant draw fish), and i have to type up some random journal entries like i'm some famous explorer or some crap. both of these are due monday but i'll be gone all weekend. ftw.