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i shoot a box for inspiration.

2009-10-25 17:58:05 by ApocalypseFish

yep. i sit in my room for at least an hour a day shooting a box with my airsoft guns. after that i write, since shooting said box inspires me. i have yet to find out why.



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2009-10-25 18:09:28

use a 12 gauge instead

ApocalypseFish responds:

i would iffen i had one. it would make a hell of a mess in my room though. which wouldnt change the way it already looks.


2009-10-25 18:15:45

i have the answer to that problem.

10 gauge.

ApocalypseFish responds:

yay! even more mess!


2009-10-25 18:46:19

1 gauge?

ApocalypseFish responds:

holy crap think of the kick on that thing.


2009-10-25 19:13:35

good day sir

ApocalypseFish responds:

good day also to you sirrah.


2009-10-25 20:03:24

Forget 1 gauge, just use an artillary shell.

ApocalypseFish responds:

my room looks like a bomb went off in afghanistan. an artillery shell cant top that.


2009-10-25 22:00:59

But a nuke might.

ApocalypseFish responds:

naw. a nuke wouldnt leave anything but glass and ash.


2009-10-27 17:36:39

try listening to don't fear the reaper, much better.

ApocalypseFish responds:

okay. i'll look into it.